Medical guidelines and references.


Pityriasis versicolor

Updated: 10th Nov 2023


·         Multiple well-demarcated, scaly [on scraping surface], oval-to-round hypo or hyperpigmented macules that frequently coalesce into larger patches, slightly itchy

·         DD – Pityriasis Alba [children, hypopigmented patches, unknown cause, self resolves]


·         Selenium sulphide suspension (2.5%) shampoo – Once a day, to affected area, leave it on for 15minutes and wash off.  Use for 7 days.

·         Ketoconazole 2% shampo – Use daily for 14 days.

·         Limited patches – miconazole [Once a day for 3 weeks], terbinafine [Use twice daily for 7 days]

·         Severe and systemic – Itraconazole 200 mg [One tablet a day for seven days]

·         Avoid tanning & exposure to sunlight – will contrast areas

·         Will take several months to fade after treatment – difficult to tell if treatment is successful until the patient acquires a tan in the following year.

Information sheet: http://www.patient.co.uk/health/pityriasis-versicolor-leaflet